Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hong Kong layover

It sometimes happens that you have a layover in Hong Kong that lasts more than a few hours. In this case you may want to do something outside the airport. Here is an example itinerary that packs a lot of excitement in a short time.
  • Use the ATM at the airport to get some HK$.
  • Optionally: store luggage at the facility on Level 3 of Terminal 2 (HK$12/hour)
  • Take bus E23, E41 or S56 to Fu Tung Shopping Centre
  • Optionally: have breakfast or lunch at the Federal Palace
  • Take the Ngong Ping cable car to the monastery
  • Visit the monastery. Access to the big Buddha also gives you a vegetarian meal ticket
  • If this is all the time you have, return to the airport
  • Take bus 21 or 23 to the Mui Wo pier (90 minute trip)
  • Take the ferry to Hong Kong (90 minute trip)
  • Optionally: take the tram up to Victoria Peak, and back down
  • Take the Star Ferry to Kowloon
  • Walk the avenue of the stars
  • Optionally (if you are here at tea time): have tea at the Peninsula hotel
  • Optionally: have a meal at the Serenade restaurant, overlooking the harbour
  • Take the airport MTR back to the airport from Kowloon station (you can check in for your flight at this station too) (30 minutes)