Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pre Technics LEGO gears

Before LEGO came with the "LEGO Technics" (of which many parts are used in LEGO Mindstorms) they experimented with different gear systems. Displayed is the one I used in Europe (I understood that a different version was released in the USA). The gears can be combined at a 90 degree angle as well. The gears have 21, 15 and 9 pins, allowing gear ratios of 7:5, 7:3 and 5:3.

Even though the axles are white, they are still compatible with Technics. Similarly the bricks, wheels and stop bush are all still usable, although they have different colours. Not all the stop bush have the same shape: some are intended to be stops, others are intended to be used with rubber bands. The metal pins are used to connect the system to the 4.5V and 12V motors that existed at the time. The threads allow attachment of regular LEGO parts, unfortunately most of the pieces of the thread got lost.

Museum expanded

After getting some feedback from a co-worker I decided to reduce the amount of rust slightly, and add more hints that it is a museum setting. I also made the floor less distracting by adding a plate, which would also ensure that the marble wouldn't be damaged by the engine itself.