Friday, May 25, 2007


Now my clock is almost finished, I'm not entirely sure why I made a clock. It works reasonably well, though, especially now I fixed the bug that made it show derivatives of seven o'clock all the time. The only thing missing is the notorious "Teddy Bear" mode, but that should be done next week. I will also need to add birthdays. Fortunately there aren't many birthdays in May, that I know of.

Time is of course also relevant to this blog: one post a month is a tad abysmal. However, it also indicates that things are more interesting at work, with the development of the protocol and the signing off of the functional specification. I could've written lots of fun stories, had it not be for the fact that it all is supposed to be very secret.

Meanwhile Dawn's blog is progressing rapidly, with her moving to Turkey and investigating tanks, and also Johannes is doing well, moving to a nicer house with similar bathroom problems. Today my cousin will arrive... Jeroen. As usual he is flying to San Jose, so I rented a car. This is also useful in case we want to go places, which we might, or might not. Lots of options. It was rather cold for him this morning (San Diego is a lot warmer than San Francisco). It will be a long weekend: we have monday off as well. It's called Memorial Day. Probably also something to do with time.